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Testimonial from a Client


I just want to reach out to you and compliment your team!  I have worked with Amy, I’Juana, and Nicki….all stellar!  I have accounts with TD Ameritrade, Scotttrade, Morgan Stanley and Edward Jones—-your team, by far, soars above the rest!
As a business owner and leader, I am sure we can agree that we are only as good as our team—-you have some awesome team members!
Thank you and I am looking forward to working with you in 2017 and beyond!R. A.

Testimonial from a Client


I like American IRA in Asheville for several reasons….if I have a problem with paperwork I can get it straightened out with one phone call and with one rep…if something comes up that I need paperwork within 24 hours, I just make the 40 minute drive to Asheville and they take care of it while I’m there…you can talk to a rep at the Asheville or Greenville REIA meetings if you have a question about a particular issue that has come up….A heck of a lot cheaper than ETC….”


Mike E.

Testimonial from an Event Attendee


Love your webinars.   Please do more.


Dorothy M.

Testimonial from an Event Attendee


Thank you for the high quality and very innovative IRA seminar this past Saturday. You take what can be a dry discussion and bring it to life with a wide range of real life case studies that are valuable in the context of Self-Directed IRA’s and stand alone investment strategies as well. As a seasoned real estate investor, this information ads much value to my bag of tools.

Linda and I have opened and transferred accounts to American IRA over the past few months, I still have one to transfer.

By the way your staff is very good.

Thank you,

Bob S.

Testimonial from an Event Attendee

I just want to reiterate how informative and interesting your seminar was. I’ve attended a few real estate presentations. This is one of the very best I have ever seen. I learned a lot and plan to learn more based on the information I’ve already received. I would like to visit American IRA and come up with some ways to transfer funds I already have in another IRA so I can use it to my advantage.

As a rookie real estate investor, I’m excited to learn the advanced concepts you presented so I’ll at least know the tools exist when it’s time to use them.

Laurel W.

Testimonial from an Event Attendee

My wife Marilyn and myself attended Jim Hitt’s seminar today on Self-Directed IRA investing. We are so excited because he gave us everything we needed to really get started and to feel a lot more confident diving into this way of investing. We are looking forward to it…trying to get out of the stock market. This gives us an opportunity to take a brand new direction and Jim, I believe, has helped us tremendously in that. We are looking forward to taking advantage of his American IRA company to get our Self-Directed IRA account set up to make this a very easy transition for us.

Mike R.

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