Private IRA Lending

Private IRA lending gives you the option to invest in the following debt instruments:

  • Mortgages
  • Private Business Loans
  • Commercial Real Estate Development
  • Car notes
  • Property Tax Liens and Deeds
  • Secured Notes
  • Unsecured Notes
  • “Hard Money” Lending
  • Bridge Loans
  • Purchases of Distressed Debt

What is Private IRA Lending?

Traditional lenders – banks, S&Ls, credit unions and established finance companies – have tightened their lending standards significantly. This has left a huge opportunity for smaller lenders to service the needs of perfectly solid entrepreneurs and other quality borrowers who need financing. Many times they have established track records and solid assets backing the loan application, but are still unable to obtain bank financing.

Private IRA lenders can frequently compete by streamlining underwriting procedures and providing quick funding. In exchange, borrowers are frequently willing to pay interest rates well above the market rate for bank loans.

Quality Borrowers

If you have access to quality borrowers, the law allows you to engage in private IRA lending, using your IRA. In fact, in some ways, private IRA lending can be an excellent IRA investment, because of the tax deferral of interest payments. In the case of a Roth IRA, your IRA can even receive interest payments tax free – provided the account has been open at least five years and you are older than age 59½.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Private IRA lending allows you to structure repayment terms and set up interest rates.
  • You have the power of choice and, as such, you can decide whether promissory notes are secured or unsecured with a Deed of Trust.
  • American IRA is not responsible for the success nor failure of any loans you enter into.
    • Foreclosure, collections, and defaulted notes are the responsibility of the Private IRA lending account holder.

Professionals to Protect Your Investment

As with all investments, it is important to involve professionals so that your interest is protected. In the case of private IRA lending those professionals most commonly include the title company, attorney, and servicing agent.

Our Experience

At American IRA, we do this every day. We have simplified our process so that you can quickly and easily take care of your private IRA lending transactions. If you would like to open a new account or have questions about opening a new account, please contact our office at 1-866-7500-IRA(472) or

If you are an American IRA Client and you have questions regarding the investment process, please contact our office at 1-866-7500-IRA(472) or


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