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Self-Directed IRA Investments: Explore Your Investment Options with a Self-Directed IRA

Investment Options in Self Directed IRA offer diversity to your retirement plan!Self-Directed IRA investments can own or sell a wide range nontraditional types of investments. This investment freedom opens the potential for opportunities to invest in what you know based on your goals!

Self-Directed IRA Investments Include:

  • Auto paper
  • Commercial paper
  • Convertible notes
  • Hedge funds
  • Foreign stock
  • Royalty rights
  • Equipment and leases
  • Commodities
  • Rights and warrants
  • American depository receipts
  • Personal property
  • U.S. Treasury bills
  • Farm real estate
  • Mutual funds

American IRA, LLC does not offer investment, tax, financial or legal advice to clients. Individuals who believe they need advice should consult with the appropriate professional(s) licensed in that area.

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